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JerHigh Strip Dog Treats with Real Chicken Meat 70g


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JerHigh Strip Dog Treats with Real Chicken Meat are a savory and protein-rich snack for dogs. Made with real chicken meat, these treats offer a delicious and satisfying chewing experience. Here is a description of JerHigh Strip Dog Treats with Real Chicken Meat:

  1. Real Chicken Meat: These treats are made with high-quality, real chicken meat as the main ingredient. Chicken is a lean source of protein that provides essential amino acids for muscle development and overall health in dogs.
  2. Chewy Texture: JerHigh Strip Dog Treats have a chewy texture that dogs love. The firm yet tender strips allow for a satisfying chew, promoting dental health and reducing tartar buildup.
  3. High in Protein: The treats are packed with protein from the real chicken meat. Protein is vital for dogs as it supports muscle growth, repair, and overall energy levels.
  4. Wholesome Ingredients: JerHigh Strip Dog Treats are made with wholesome ingredients to ensure their nutritional value. They are crafted with care, with a focus on quality and taste.
  5. Bite-Sized Strips: The treats are conveniently sized in strip form, making them easy to handle and serve. The bite-sized portions are suitable for dogs of all sizes and can be given as a rewarding snack or during training sessions.
  6. Nutritional Benefits: These treats provide not only a delicious taste but also some nutritional benefits. The real chicken meat offers essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals, contributing to your dog’s overall well-being.
  7. High Palatability: Dogs are drawn to the irresistible flavor of real chicken meat in these treats. Their high palatability makes them an excellent choice for satisfying your dog’s taste buds.

JerHigh Strip Dog Treats with Real Chicken Meat are a flavorful and wholesome snacking option for your furry friend. With their real chicken meat, chewy texture, and bite-sized strips, these treats are sure to be a favorite among dogs. Whether used for training, rewards, or as a special treat, JerHigh Strip Dog Treats provide a delicious and enjoyable snacking experience for your canine companion.

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6 reviews for JerHigh Strip Dog Treats with Real Chicken Meat 70g

  1. Swati

    These JerHigh Chicken Meat Strips are a game-changer for my active pup! Not only are they incredibly tasty, but they’re also packed with quality protein to support my dog’s muscle development. These treats are perfect for rewarding after a good training session or simply for showing some love. My dog’s tail wags uncontrollably every time he sees the bag

  2. Arvind

    JerHigh, you’ve truly outdone yourselves with these chicken strips! I can tell they’re made with real chicken meat, and my dog can definitely taste the difference. They’re a healthier treat option, and my furry friend adores them. They make for a perfect snack during our daily walks, and it’s heartwarming to see my pup’s eyes light up with joy

  3. Smita Patel

    These JerHigh Chicken Meat Strips are more than just delicious; they’re also fantastic for my dog’s dental health. The chewy texture helps clean his teeth and freshen his breath, making me feel like a responsible pet parent. I love that I can reward my pup and contribute to his overall well-being at the same time. A win-win!

  4. Varun

    I can’t say enough good things about these JerHigh Chicken Meat Strips. As a health-conscious dog owner, I appreciate that they contain real chicken meat and are free from unnecessary fillers. My dog has a sensitive stomach, and these treats never upset his digestion. They’re the perfect choice for any dog parent looking for a wholesome, high-quality treat option.

  5. Sneha

    My dog has always been a picky eater, but JerHigh Chicken Meat Strips have won him over! They’re gentle on his sensitive stomach, and he goes wild for the chicken flavor. These treats are perfect for indulging my furry companion without worrying about allergies or upset tummies. I can’t recommend them enough.

  6. Sanjay

    Healthy teeth are essential for my dog’s overall well-being, and Angels Furry’s Turkey with Parsley treats have become an essential part of our dental care routine. The natural abrasiveness of parsley helps clean my dog’s teeth while the turkey flavor keeps her coming back for more. I’ve noticed a remarkable improvement in her dental health, and these treats are now a must-buy for us

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